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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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mir mir, i wanted to thank sfgtv for their on going cleanse. would you please read roll cal? >> eye team one hearing to continue -- supervisor mirkarimi: actually let me introduce our committee members since you're not, supervisor david campos is joining us, we believe supervisor cohen may be joining us and we welcome supervisor kim. please proceed with reading number one. >> item one to the municipal transportation planning department, department of public health on pedestrian safety in the south of market.
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supervisor mirkarimi: excellent. june sizor jane kim, welcome to the board. supervisor kim: we want to thank the committee and also want to thank everyone who's come out today who has been a part of meeting with us, and putting together feedback and has been part of the planning around pedestrian station for the last several years. the parents and family at betsy carmichael middle school, seniors can and kip. community ten anything association, senior action network and san francisco. in december 2010, our previous mayor gavin newsom released an executive directive citing the importance of directing
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pedestrian safety here in san francisco. san francisco experiences roughly 800 pedestrian injuries and 22 fatalities every year. and between 204-2008 seniors experienced 42% of those pedestrian fatalities but made up only 15% of the population here in san francisco. research has shown that you're more likely to be hit or killed by a car if you are poor, if you are old, if you are young, if you are not a car owner. so this is also about equity here in our cities. we also know that this is a budge tear issue as well as a human life issue. and this has tremendous cost on our public budget as well. just to cite a couple of numbers, in several of our districts for example in district five pedestrian safety health care cost is 2.76 million. district nine it is $2.59
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million. in district 10, it is 5.16 million. in district three it is 5.92 million. in district six, 13.7 million dollars that we spend to pedestrian collisions and death. 76% of the total cost was paid for by public financing. so we'll hear later on today that district six has the highest level of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in the city in county of san francisco. the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods include the tenderloin, south of market, financial district, and also the bayview. particularly in our neighborhoods that surround round our free ways. i want to go over really quickly the structure of the hearing. we know that we have many
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seniors here today, thank you so much for coming out that cannot stay for the entire presentation. so i'm asking the chair if we could open public comments first so the seniors who need to leave can speak. and then go to our presentation. i'm starting with g.p.h., then the ucfs injury center, captain joe garity and sergeant filpot. then the collaborative on the sixth street plan. than a brief presentation of the tenderloin little saigon plan and then go back again to public comment and talk about policy recommendations if that's ok with my colleagues. supervisor mirkarimi: yes, that is fine. why don't we go ahead and open pub comment for seniors first so seniors who would like to take advantage of public comment now that describe themselves as seniors are seniors.
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would you then just line up in the middle of the aisle, come one after the other. you are welcome to do so now. then we'll proceed with the rest of the proceeding after that. and if you are of special needs, please feel free to do the same. >> [speaking in foreign language]
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>> good morning, i'm the president of community tenants association. we're the largest group in san francisco with over a thousand members. one fourth of our members currently reside in district six. we have 35 members present today and we wanted to call attention to the importance of district six as it of low income. we urge you to call for more community input and outreach to these senior and communities of color.
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> most senior residents do not own cars and a lot of them are dependent. therefore they all use sidewalks on a daily basis to get to public transportation. for example all our members travel to china town every day
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so they use the sidewalks near senior housing and bus stops. in order to make improvements we need to engage the people that live in their neighborhood to properly address the issue. but as far as we know, there were no public input or process involved in the discussion about pedestrian safety until this hearing. >> ♪ [speaking foreign language] >> i'm not only speaking on behalf of all members but also monolingal residents. they want to ebb gage in pedestrian safety planning process. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you very much. next speaker please.
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> i'm a board member of community tenants association. up the pacific crest resident on shipley street for over five years and i'm here to talk about my experience at the senior resident living experience in district six. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> i travel to and from china town every day to run errands. i rely on public transport and to get to china town. in addition, my wife and i allow neighbors go for morning exercise, and some go there three times a day.
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> we often hear stories of seniors getting into accidents because they're too slow and cars would always zoom past, blowing their horns and out of the signal. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> with such a high density of senior housing in district six the be limited mobility to cross the street. we must improve the streets so all residents will be able to cross safety. >> ♪ [speaking foreign language] >> pedestrian safety is essential to our quality of life and i hope to see more improvements to district six in the future. thank you. mick mick thank you, next speaker -- -- thank you and next
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speaker please. >> my name is gloria hernandez and i live in district 6. i'm a senior and live at mission street senior community which is exactly one block, one block from the free way. and obviously we're aware of how dangerous it is because during the ball park season we have police there and they will tell us directly be careful because they just don't care. they want to run us over, have no consideration. another problem that we have with that area is the lights are too fast. we've discussed this continually. please, i live in a building where there's 140 units. so obviously a lot of them have two people living in that building, and i would also suggest that we have a senior crossing sign, maybe that would give them more thought as to slow down. and i also had spoken about this before and they said we don't
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need speed limit signs because obviously they're supposed to know how fast they go. i really think this would also enable the drivers to double think, and i know this is a lot of deficit problems but we just had somebody get killed on2nd and townsend. every day when i'm crossing and i see other people too, they just want to go right by us. and the police told me that's one of the most dangerous. please, from my heart to yours, see if you can help us so we can save lives and continue living. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, next speaker please. >> good morning sirs. my name is albert reyes. i'm a member of the senior center.
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i live in menleson house and i go there every day being sponsored for disabled people. it's my experience sir that when i go there every day i have to alight at mission and eighth street. and crossing mission, going there, takes a very difficult time to cross because the light was so fast. street lights i mean go so fast. and being disabled is very difficult for me to run, to keep up with it before reaching the end of 8th street and mission. i notice too that in order to
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facilitate access to cannon street i do not go and take the cross mission street but rather do something illegal by crossing the street directly because it is right in front of the thomas street. i know that it's illegal crossing the street without -- so i'm here to state if your honors please that you take into consideration the establishment of the crosswalk for seniors and other persons residing in that district, especially one that should be created in the area crossing 8th street sir. there are more than 50 seniors going to cannon cape senior center every day and they also do something illegally by crossing 8th street.
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there are some drivers that are so -- that when they see an old person or a disabled person walking they slow down their cars. but there are certainly inconsiderate drivers, it's very difficult and you're life is always at risk when you see irresponsible drivers. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you sir, thank you very much. well said. next speaker please? >> good morning everyone.
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i go to the senior citizen center every day. i cross too at 8th and i tell them -- and it's hard because i almost got hit. because the traffic speeds up because they're on their way to the freeway. i would like to see a crosswalk be put there. not only there but on different ones because somebody got killed i think there. i just hope you would consider to put that and help us, all of us. because we all go there and we enjoy our meals. and this is a good place to be. and thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker please?
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>> good morning. i thank you for having me here to air my opinion with regard to this pedestrian safety. i live in ellis district. every day i have to walk going to my work and going to my activities. there will be a great problem in this traffic, especially when this big and huge hospital which is the california pacific medical center is going to be built. i know if this were built in our neighborhood it is going to create a huge traffic in our district. so, i would like to request that